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I often get questions about what varieties of flowers are in season for a specific wedding date. While many wedding flowers can be obtained year-round, some remain seasonal for best quality. Asking for flowers out of season can mean a higher price because they will likely have to be shipped from somewhere across the world and, sometimes out of season, they cannot be purchased at all. Whenever possible, I support our cut flower producers in Quebec and Canada, but sometimes I have to obtain flowers from international producers.

This blog is a guide that includes some of my favorite wedding flowers and the months they are available. Some flowers like roses, lisianthus, freesia, carnations and orchids are available all year round.

Please note that this article is only a guide and not a guarantee that these flowers will be available. Even if a flower is listed as available under only one season, the climate and growing conditions in different regions of the world will still affect availability. Natural disasters, early or late starts of seasons, pests, temperatures, etc. can all impact the availability of cut flowers . The best thing to do is to trust your floral designer and communicate with them about your favorite flower varieties or color palette, but also to be open to their suggestions and have a backup plan in case the season peonies starts later or ends earlier!


March April May

tulips, peonies (late April - May), ranunculus, anemones, amaryllis (early spring), clematis, muscari, hyacinth, iris, lily of the valley (May - very expensive), daucus (Queen Anne's lace), sweet pea, yarrow ( May), hellebore, skimmia, fritillaria, lilac, wax flower (March - April), acacia (March), allium, lupins (May), phlox (May), scabiosa (May)

This monofloral bouquet features just white peonies in complete simplicity. Photo: Marie-Eve Rompré Photographer


June July August

astrantia, peonies (from June to mid-July), dahlias, zinnias (late summer), cosmos (July - August), celosia (late summer), spirea (June), gladiolus, hydrangea (late of summer), phlox, daucus (Queen Anne's lace) , sunflowers, yarrow (June - July), allium, astilbe, craspedia, gomphrena, agapanthus, crocosmia, campanula (June - July), calendula, foxglove (June - July), dianthus (July), lupins (June), eremurus (June - July), everlasting flower (July - August), lavender (July), nigella (July - August), veronica (July - August), jasmine, snapdragon , lysimachus (June - July), dauphinella (July - August), eryngium thistle (June - July), amaranths (June - August), scabiosa (June - August), sweet pea (June - August), Alaskan peonies (August - very expensive)

This summer bouquet is composed of roses, scabosias, eucalyptus, ozothamnus (the rice flower), stock in a constructed-deconstructed bouquet style. Photo: Photography M Vivre


September October

snow berries (September), dahlias, zinnias, celosia, hydrangea, phlox, daucus (Queen Anne's lace) , sunflowers, astrantia, astilbe, silver brunia, craspedia, gomphrena, crocosmia, pieris, amaranths, eryngium thistle, nigella, veronica, dauphinella (September), scabiosa, Monnaie-du-Pape, ornamental kale, asters, Pampas grass

This fall bouquet features roses, dahlias, Italian ruscus, eucalyptus parvifolia for a full, textured look. Photo: Mégane O'Connor Photographer


November, December, January, February

buttercups, anemones, amaryllis, tulips, hyacinth, sweet pea, astrantia, astilbe (November), hellebore (January - February), skimmia, privet (November - December), silver brunia, amaranth (November), ornamental kale, clematis (January February)

This winter bouquet is made up of anemones, roses and gypsophila for a December wedding. Photo: Ludik Photographer

All year

alstromeria, eryngium thistle, roses, garden roses, rosettes, lisianthus, liatris, astilbe, mini calla lily, jasmine, scabiosa, wallflower, buttercup, veronica, iris, freesia, dianthus, lily, dauphinella, snapdragons, daisies, carnations (there are new varieties that are simply magnificent!) , hydrangea, hypericum berries, amaranth, gypsophila

Tropical flowers, available all year round, are more expensive such as: orchids (several varieties), birds of paradise, ginger, protea, anthurium (tongue of fire).

Here is an additional source for flower availability: Your Complete Guide to Wedding Flowers

Contact me for your wedding flowers, whatever the season!

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